Wanna Master Swing Copters like a Shaolin Monk with a High Score?

Swing Copters High Score

So, you wanna Master Swing Copters and you tried a lot but still couldn’t make it to double digits? Well, Swing Copters is more difficult than Flappy Bird. Just imagine playing Flappy Bird vertically and add some moving wrecking dumbbells at the opening end of the pipes. Now, Can you Imagine the level of difficulty?

Dong Nguyen, the Indie Developer of “Flappy Bird” fame always comes up with games that leaves me paraplegic for 2-3 hours till I finally understand the trick to master the game. It took me almost close to 3 hours of continuous trial and error attempts to get a 2 Digit Score. That was one heck of a moment.

Last Night, when I downloaded the game, I couldn’t even understand how to control the Copter Man. I was tapping once and the Copter man went flying to one end of the screen and came crashing down with broken rotor blades. I simply gave up and went to sleep cursing the game. I bet even highly disciplined Shaolin Monks can’t even make it to a double digit before 100 failed attempts.

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Then, today morning, when I finally got my hands on, I saw the instructions and came to know that as soon as I tap, the Copter man changes it’s direction. So, I tried to control the Copter man and after several attempts made a High Score of 1. Don’t laugh, Please! You must have been in the same situation. Okay, you can laugh, no issues!

Can you imagine not making a score and suddenly making a high score of 1. Many twitter users tweeted their Swing Copters High Score of 1, saying their life is now complete and their soul can R.I.P.

But, if you have stumbled upon this tutorial, I will make sure that by following this tutorial and using your own judgement, you can surely get a double digit score. I am still waiting for that true gamer who can make a 3 digit High Score in Swing Copters. I will seriously bow down to that master, bitches!

Anyways, lets get started with the tutorial. So, after hours of continuous trail and error attempts, my fingers were easily set on the game and Boom Shot! I made a two digit score . Then, I realized Swing Copters is not that tough as it looks. It was a Deja Vu kinda situation which reminded of that moment when I had mastered Flappy Bird.

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So, lets finally get started with the tutorial. As you start tapping, the copter man goes to the right and to change it’s direction you have to tap again. But, things happen very quick. As soon as you tap, the copter man goes to the extreme right and crashes even before you could tap again.

To avoid this situation, you need to practice to balance the copter man in the Safe Region.

Master Swing Copters

In the above pic, you can see the Safe Region that I am talking about. In order to balance the quick spiral movement of the copter man in the Safe Region, all you gotta understand is the difference between too much, too less and in-between them (the appropriate one).

You have to balance the copter man in the Safe Region with the appropriate tapping. If you tap less, you will go out of the Safe Region and are bound to crash. If you tap too much, the copter man takes it own direction and eventually crashes. Also, when the copter man takes flight, he may go out of the Safe Region, but try to bring him back in the Safe Region.

If you want to get a 2 digit score, you have to keep practicing this type of tapping in this Safe Region and you are sure to get a High Score. It may take 3-4 hours or more time, depending on your judgement, but don’t give up. Success is only a few steps ahead when you think of giving up. So, stick to it and don’t give up.

Also, when in one level, the Safe Region is to the left and on another level, the Safe Region is to the right, then you have to use your judgment to bring the Copter Man in the Safe Region to continue further. Lastly, mute the sound of the game while playing, it’s very distracting and annoying.

This is how I Mastered Swing Copters like a highly disciplined Shaolin Monk and took my High Score from Single Digit to Double Digits. Even you can do it with a little bit of Patience and proper Judgement.

If you have any of your self-discovered tricks, kindly let me know in the comments section. And, I would love to know your Swing Copters High Score, so kindly also let me know about it with a screenshot in the comments section.

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A last message to Dong Nguyen, the creator of Swing Copters, before signing-off, ” Please make Playable Games for Humans, we are not Super Humans, Sorry! ”

Wanna Master Swing Copters like a Shaolin Monk with a High Score?
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