Install Cydia without Jailbreak on iPhone and iPad

In this tutorial, I will show you “How to Install Cydia and Cydia Apps Without Jailbreak on iPhone and iPad?”. Cydia apps extend the functionality and usage of iPhone and iPad, so it’s fun to have some cydia apps and tweaks on your iPhone and iPad.

There is no need to jailbreak your iPhone and iPad to download cydia apps as some apps allow you to download these cydia apps on your non-jailbroken iPhone and iPad. These apps that help you to download the top free cydia apps or the best cydia apps for your iPhone and iPad are not available on the App Store.
Apple doesn’t allow apps on the App Store that extend the functionality of iPhone and iPad as they fail to meet and comply with Apple’s Terms and Conditions for apps.

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Cydia apps like iRec, Display Recorder and Shou helps iOS users to record their iPhone and iPad screen, iTransmission helps us to download torrents on non-jailbroken iPhone and iPad, DosPad and iDOS can be used as a DOS Emulator; File Browser helps us to browse through our iPhone and iPad’s system files; Movie Box, Play Box and Cloud Movies provides us the facility to stream or download any movie or tv show on our iPhone and iPad and Music Box allows us to download our favorite songs.
There are some cydia apps like GBA4iOS which turns our iPhone or iPad into a Gameboy Advanced and GBC Emulator, PPSSPP allows us to play PSP games on iPhone and iPad, Provenance turns our iOS device into a multi-sega and SNES emulator.
NDS4iOS will help you to play Nintendo Games on your iPhone and iPad. Android on iOS app allows you to run Android on your iPhone and iPad.

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How to Install Cydia without Jailbreak on iPhone and iPad?

1) Go to iNoCydia


2) Click on Download which opens another screen
3) A pop-up message appears. Just Click ‘Cancel’ and then for another pop-up click ‘OK’.
4) Follow the screenshot below and add iNoCydia icon to Home Screen
Install Cydia on iPhone and iPad without Jailbreak
4) After adding the app, you will see the app icon on your iPhone and iPad screen. Open Cydia app and Click on the icon right next to Home Icon (See Screenshot). Repeat Step 3.
5) Click on Packages (See Screenshot)
iNoCydia Install App on iPhone and iPad without Jailbreak
6) Click on Apps to install cydia apps and Click on Tweaks to install cydia tweaks. (See Screenshot)
7) Below you will see a massive list of cydia apps that you can download on your non-jailbroken and iPad.
Note: You won’t be able to download some apps as you may get an error: “This app could not be downloaded at this time“. Try your luck and see which cydia apps you were able to download.
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Install Cydia without Jailbreak on iPhone and iPad
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