How To Master Flappy Bird [The Genuine Way] ?

Well, at first I was not interested in giving a review of flappy bird as I thought it’s too simple to play and because of it’s old kinda mario game graphics. But as i sat down to play, it was actually little difficult and it made me paraplegic for 2 hours just to create a new best score. In this game, you can only call a better-than-previous score as “Best Score” and not high score because the scores are usually in single and double digits.

What was more shocking to know is that the Vietnamese developer  of this game Dong Nguyen  racks up $50,000 per day in ad revenue. The game has been downloaded 50 million times and it has more than 47,000 reviews in the App Store which forced me to try this game and give a review of  “How to Master Flappy Bird?

The main question of this month for which avid gamers would be expecting a solution would be “how to master Flappy Bird ? Well, after playing this game for couple of hours, i have been able to figure out how to get a better-than-previous score which I would like to share with our readers. I bet no one in this world can say that they have mastered this game because there are moments when you feel you have mastered this game and the very next moment you beak-dive your poor flappy bird without even making a score. This game actually challenges or it would be more appropriate to say teases the superior gamer ego within you by making a fool of you everytime when you feel you have bettered yourself at playing this game. More difficult thing than playing this game is to create a new best score

So, how to be better at playing this game? I would be providing some screenshots to show you the exact tactic you should follow to get a better-than-previous score.

Caution:  These tactics will only work provided you have a good judgement of when to tap, when not to tap and how much to tap

Some lame but useful tips to Master Flappy Bird:

This screenshot below will help you to get a genuine better score in Flappy Bird only if you follow the trajectory motion because it is the only way.

How to Master Flappy Bird?

You have to get your birdie at 1st position (marked 1 in the figure). Then you have to tap once and get your bird at 2nd position (marked 2 in the figure). As soon as your bird is about to touch the bottom pipe, tap just once and your bird goes from 2nd position to 3rd position,then to 4th position. You have to be extremely alert while lifting the bird from 4th positon.

Warning: Never tap twice between 2 pipes in excitement or fear

Please do share your tricks and best scores in the comment section below and share this post with your friends on social networks if you found it useful

Compatible iGadgets :

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPod touch
  • Optimized for iPhone 5.

Compatible iOS Versions :

  •  Requires iOS 6.0 or later.

Game Developer :

  • Dong Nguyen © 2013 GEARS Studios

Size: 2.6MB

 Cost : Free

Flappy Bird AppStore Download Link


How To Master Flappy Bird [The Genuine Way] ?
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