70+ Google Plus Communities for App Promotion, Review Exchange and Marketing

Best Google Communities for App Promotion, Review and Marketing

Below is a list of 70+ Google Plus Communities for Free App Promotion, Review Exchange and Marketing. These Google Plus Communities will expose your app to more than 50 Million Google Plus users within minutes and will definitely help to boost your app rankings in every App Store on this planet.

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Just remember to write a catchy title and short description of your app in these Google Plus Communities and if Google Plus Users find your apps or games interesting, they will surely download your apps or games. These App Promotion Google Plus Communities have accumulated massive amount of  members over time and will surely help to boost to your App Store Ranking.


Google Plus Communities for App Promotion and Review Exchange


1) Tizen – “O.S of Everything”

2) Apple

3) My Apple Zone

4) iPhone and iPad Gaming

5) iPhone and iPad Apps

6) Apps

7) iPhone App Users

8) Mobile Development

9) Mobile Game and App Developers

10) iPad Apps

11) iPhone Developers

12) iOS

13) Mobile Tech News

14) iOS & Android App Reviews/News

15) App Marketing

16) App Marketing

17) Android App Review

18) Android App Fans

19) Go Android

20) Android Police

21) Android Central App Beta

22) Android Tablet Apps

23) Android Apps

24) Android Wear Apps

25) Android Apps

26) [AndroidB] Android Apps & Games

27) Educational Apps for Kids

28) Free Android Apps

29) iOS Games & Apps

30) Mobile App Development

31) Apk Android App Download Free

32) Best Android Wear Apps

33) Android Lovers Community – Phones, Tablets, Apps

34) iPhone Applications

35) Mobile Devices

36) Apple iPad users

37) iPhone Community


39) Apple iPhone 5

40) Apple iPhone users

41) ru.Android

42) Windows Phone

43) Android Community

44) Android Development

45) Android Apps

46) HTC

47) Android Headlines

48) Android Games

49) Best Free Android Apps

50) Full Android & IOS APPS AND GAMES

51) Android Games

52) Android

53) Windows Phone 8

54) Android App Review

55) Android Apps Cross-Promotion

56) Windows 8

57) iPhone and iPad

58) Windows Phone

59) Windows Phone Support

60) Windows Phone Developers

61) Windows Vs Android Vs iOS

62) Windows Phone Community

63) Windows Phone

64) Windows 8.1 Tips and Tricks

65) Best Android Apps

66) Mobile Apps development with us

67) Android Gamers

68) DownNino ( Full App and Game Android APK )


70) Android Lovers

71) Apple

70+ Google Plus Communities for App Promotion, Review Exchange and Marketing
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