Free Do-Follow Directory Submission Sites List 2018 with DA > 30 - High PR Directory Submission Sites List
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Free Directory Submission Sites List 2018 with DA > 30

Directory Submission Sites are very useful in increasing the domain authority and page authority of any website. A lot of seo’s search for “Free High PR Directory Submission Sites List“. What they don’t understand is that page rank concept has long become extinct. What they ought to be searching for is “Free Directory Submission Sites List with Domain Authority > 30“.

Some of the seo’s I came across focus only on quantity of backlinks and they simply spam the internet with their list of low quality backlinks. Later, they panic when they are not able to rank their client’s website. Instead of focusing on just quantity of backlinks, they need to be focusing on creating quality do-follow backlinks on websites with domain authority more than 3o.

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A single do-follow backlink on a website with domain authority greater than 30 fast-tracks the ranking process rather than generating tens and hundreds of backlinks on low domain authority websites. Below are some of the highly authoritative free directory submission sites list with instant approval, all of which have domain authority more than 30:

Free Directory Submission Sites List 2018


Sr. No. Free Directory Submission Sites List Domain Authority Page Authority
1 Sublime Link 38 38
2 Top Ten Dir 36 36
3 Link Man 37 40
4 Traffic Directory 39 42
5 Relevant Directory 41 41
6 Alive Link 36 41
7 Directory 4 35 34
8 Ef Dir 36 46
9 Pro Link Directory 36 37
10 Target Link 38 40
11 Ad Links 35 40
12 Directory 6 36 39
13 Smart Dir 35 34
14 Directory 5 37 41
15 Business Free Directory 36 42
16 Free Seo Link 34 42
17 Relevant Directories 41 42
18 Smart Seo Link 37 35
19 Directory 3 37 37
20 Nice Dir 42 40
21 Directory 10 36 39
22 411 Free Directory 46 55
23 Back Page Dir 41 48
24 Add Good Sites 41 50
25 Alive Directory 47 56
26 Ace Directory 44 53
27 Best Directory 4 You 39 48
28 One Sublime Directory 40 49
29 Activ Directory 41 50
30 A2Place 38 46
31 Abstract Directory Net 45 54
32 A Web List 39 48
33 Be Directory 40 49
34 Ad Brite Directory 40 49
35 Hot Directory 39 48
36 Ad Directory 40 49
37 Beeg Directory 39 49
38 Clicksor Directory 38 48
39 Hulu Directory 39 49
40 Sublime Dir 42 52
41 Poor Directory 41 49
42 Ask Directory 39 49
43 Craigs List Directory 40 49
44 Ups Directory 40 49
45 Bing Directory 40 50
46 Interesting Dir 44 53
47 Aquarius Dir 41 50
48 Facebook List 41 49
49 Ebay Dir 40 47
50 Best Buy Dir 41 48
51 Target Directory 40 49
52 Family Dir 41 49
53 A Funny Dir 42 51
54 Back Page Dir 41 48
55 Example Dir 43 53
56 Lemon Directory 42 51
57 Seo Optimization Directory 41 51
58 Domain Name Seo 41 51
59 Craigs List Dir 44 53
60 Search Domain Here 41 50
61 Directory Analytic 40 47
62 Linkedin Directory 42 52
63 Eco Dir 43 53
64 Advanced Seo Directory 37 46
65 A People Directory 37 47
66 411 Free Directory 46 55
67 Reddit Directory 39 49
68 Very Directory 29 39
69 Web O World 40 50
70 Royal Directory 38 48
71 A1 Web Directory 48 57
72 Pak Ranks 45 54
73 Free Web Link 35 45
74 Popular Directory 37 48
75 The Daily Submit 35 45
76 Directory 9  38 48
77 Seo Directory Online 42 51
78 Directory 8 40 50
79 Angels Directory 38 48
80 Business Free Directory 33 43
81 Above All Directory 31 41
82  Unique Listing 42 52
83 Ups Directory 40 49
84  Jet Links 37 46
85 Orange Linker 36 46
86 Abstract Directory 33 45
87 Argus Vision 33 44
88 Directory Archives 33 44
89 A List Sites 43 53
90 My Danny Seo 31 43
91 Five Stars Auto Pawn 33 44
92 Pink Linker 33 44
93 Diamond OA 32 42
94 WL Directory 44 54
95 Promote Business Directory 48 57
96 Class Directory 40 50
97 Steel Directory 36 47
98 Direct Directory 40 50
99 Hard Directory 36 47
100 Home Directory 36 47


Note: All the free directory submission sites listed above are working, get instantly approved and show up in the “Links to Your Site” section in Webmasters. So, you can trust these directory submission sites to improve your website’s rankings faster.

What is Directory Submission?

Directory Submission is one of the off-page processes executed by search engine optimisers to increase the authority and rankings of the website organically in the search engines. The more authoritative your website is, the easier it will be to rank on the 1st page of the search engines.

A directory is a collection of categorically or alphabetically or thematically organised information about individuals or businesses like NAP – number, address and phone number. In simple terms, you can call a directory submission site as an online version of the yellow pages.

The only difference being that instead of the address and phone number, you have to provide the email address of the webmaster and the url of your website. All you have to do is basically submit your business website to the most relevant category and sub-category. Once you receive a do-follow backlink from these directory submission sites, you will definitely see an improvement in authority, rankings and traffic on your website.

Top 10 Benefits of Directory Submission Sites

There are plenty of advantages of having a link on all of the above free directory submission sites list. Following are the top 10 benefits of directory submission sites:

  1. One Way Inbound Backink: Most of the directory submission websites provide a one way inbound backlink to your website, without expecting a reciprocal backlink in return. While there are some directory submission sites which ask for a reciprocal link, but it is better to ignore such websites.
  2. Targeted Anchor Text: Websites for Image Submission, Classified Submission, Infographic Submission and Business Listing do not give you the liberty to use exact match anchor text for the keywords you are trying to rank for. On the other hand, website submission directories give you the choice of adding the anchor text for the link you are submitting, as per your will.
  3. Do-Follow Backlink: Unless you live in a cave, you might be familiar with the two types of backlinks – dofollow and nofollow. Do-follow backlinks help to increase the keyword rankings, whereas nofollow backlinks do not help in increasing the keyword rankings on the search engines. Website submission directories offer a dofollow backlink for free, so they are very useful for seo’s.
  4. Targeted Traffic: People searching for a particular product or service based business on directory submission sites end up visiting the website. This increases brand discovery and people get educated more about your product or service. Thus, having a link on these websites send highly targeted traffic to your website.
  5. Faster Indexing: When the search engine spider crawls and indexes these online directory listing websites in their database, the dofollow backlink you created on these websites gets crawled and indexed simultaneously. Even if you make any changes to the content of your webpage, it gets indexed quickly.
  6. Increase in Page Authority & Domain Authority: Depending on your requirement and the type of link you submit,  directory submission websites are very useful in improving the page authority and domain authority of your website. The concept of page rank became extinct long ago  and the new age metrics developed by Moz in evaluating the effectiveness of a backlink present on a website have come to the picture. They are known as domain authority and page authority.  The more number of high quality backlinks pointing to a root domain or a page improve the domain authority and page authority respectively.
  7. Higher Rankings in Search Engines: Directory submission sites are one of the backlink sources which provide a dofollow backlink. If you want to rank high in the search engines, you need to create high quality dofollow backlinks pointing back to your website. One of the sources of getting a high quality dofollow backlink is by submitting your website to directory listing sites.
  8. Online Visibility: The more number of backlinks you submit to these websites, the more your chances are of being visible to the right audience. Online Visibility is an important factor for businesses to survive in the digital world. The more visibility your business receives on the internet, the greater are the chances of it flourishing to the next level.
  9. Free Advertisement: Have you seen classifieds in newspapers related to jobs, marriage, property rentals and home services? These are paid advertisements to feature your business just for a day in the classified section of the leading newspapers. Whereas, submitting a link to the free directory submission sites list acts as a free online advertisement forever. Nothing is better than getting referral traffic from a free advertisement.
  10. Business Relevant Customers: As I discussed earlier, directory submission sites are responsible for sending high quality traffic to your business website. Some of the visitors end up becoming a customer of the product or service you are trying to offer, thereby increasing customer traction. Customer traction is very essential for businesses to sustain in the online world.


How to Create Backlinks on Directory Submission Sites?

Step 1: Go to the homepage of one of the above “Free Directory Submission Sites List“.

Free Directory Submission Sites with Instant Approval in India, USA, Singapore, UK, Australia.

Free Directory Submission Sites List with Instant Approval

Step 2: Click on the category you feel your website should come under and select the sub-category that is the most relevant to your business.

Tip: Select the sub-category which is relevant to your business and has few links, so the backlink you create gets more equity or value. The less number of do-follow links on a page, the more link equity or link juice gets passed to the link. You will start seeing improvement in your website’s rankings in 3-4 weeks considering you have done exceptional on-page of your website.

Free Directory Submission Sites List Without Reciprocal Link

Free Directory Submission Sites List Without Reciprocal Link

Step 3: Click on “Submit Link”, fill in your complete website information and your link will be submitted for approval.

Free Directory Submission Sites List with High Domain Authority

Free Directory Submission Sites List with High Domain Authority

Important Factors to Consider for Creating Backlinks on Directory Submission Sites

  1. Make sure the directory submission site has a domain authority more than 3o
  2. Avoid directory submission websites with Trust Flow and Citation Flow Score less than 10
  3. Add your website to the appropriate category and sub-category
  4. Submit your website to the category or sub-category with less number of links
  5. Consider submitting to directory websites with instant approval only
  6. The backlink you get should be a do-follow backlink
  7. Use a mixture of anchor texts for the title – partial match, exact match and branded anchors to create a natural link profile.

Tip: If you want to increase the domain authority of your website, you have to submit the root domain of your website, that is, the non-www version of your website’s url. Ex: If you want to increase the page authority of your home page, then you have to submit the complete url. Ex: If you simply want to increase the authority of one of your important pages, then you have to submit the url of that page. Ex:

If you feel that the directory submission or off-page process is tedious, you can hire me to create high quality backlinks for your website. I have a list of 1000+ do-follow websites with domain authority greater than 30, which will fast track the rankings of your website and you will start getting customer traction or quality leads on your website organically. If you need seo consultation for your business website, feel free to contact me anytime.

Free Directory Submission Sites List 2018 with DA > 30
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