How to Download Free HQ Music on iPhone and iPad (No iTunes)?

How to Download Free HQ Music on iPhone and iPad (No iTunes)?

Last week, I had written a tutorial on “How to Download Free Movies on iPhone and iPad?” which got featured on popular section of news aggregating apps like Zite and Flipboard and till now this article has received 70,000 views so far (55,000+ views in one day). And, today I have come up with yet another interesting article to download free hq music on iPhone and iPad:

How to Download Free HQ Music on iPhone and iPad without iTunes?

Let’s admit it that it’s easy to download free hq music on iPhone and iPad as there are music downloading apps available for iPhone and iPad. But, these apps search for music on Soundcloud and most of the time, the downloaded music is not of high quality.

By high quality music, I mean music with bit rate of 256kbps or 320kbps. You get to know the difference between high quality and low quality music on bass supported headphones when bass sounds like claps.

Personally, I prefer to download high quality music with bit rate of 320kbps. And, music files with bitrate of 320 kbps are available on torrent. You can check out “How to Download High Quality Torrent Music on iPhone and iPad without Jailbreak?

Downloading torrent files are illegal in some countries. But, that doesn’t stop people from downloading music on their iPhone and iPad without buying the music on iTunes.

So, lets start with the tutorial…..

First, you need to download this app that can download any internet file: Turbo Downloader Free – Amerigo: Download any kind of files from internet.

You can think of this app as “Internet Download Manager (IDM) for iPhone and iPad. The free version is spammy as it sometimes redirects to App Store to download any app or sometimes opens any ad related website. But, the ads open in new tabs and you can close that tab to continue with your work if you don’t wanna buy the paid app.

Then, go to YouTube and search for your favorite music or music video, but make sure the music or music video is uploaded by the official YouTube channel of that Music Star. Why? Because they provide high quality music in their music video.

 How to Download Free HQ Music on iPhone and iPad (No iTunes) using Amerigo?

After you open the music video on YouTube, simply copy the url of that music video and go to this website which lets you convert music videos into high quality music. You can also convert online videos in any video format on Clip Converter. There are other websites like HD Downloader and HD Transform but sometimes they don’t allow to convert YouTube music video into high quality music.

Clip Converter - How to Download Free HQ Music on iPhone and iPad (No iTunes)?

Now, paste the copied YouTube url below where it says “Media URL to Download” and tap “Continue”. Wait till it detects the media for the pasted url. You will see plenty of options like YouTube Video High Definition (1080p); size: 46 MB, YouTube Video Standard Quality (360p), size: 11 MB and YouTube Video Mobile Version (3GP), size: 5 MB.

Select the topmost option: YouTube Video High Definition (1080p) because it is guaranteed to have high quality music. After that, apply the settings as seen in pic below:

Clip Converter - How to Download Free HQ Music on iPhone and iPad (No iTunes)?

Select Mp3, uncheck “Detect the best settings automatically”, then select “Stereo” and for Audio Bitrate, move the bar if it is at 128kbps or 256kbps to 320kbps. If you want to edit any part of the music video, you can define the start and end time by unchecking any of the option which then gives you the ability to define the custom start and end time.

After doing all these settings, tap “Start”. Then you will see a screen like this which means the music video is getting converted into high quality music. Please note that if the music video doesn’t have high quality music, converting the music video into 320kbps won’t make a difference.

Clip Converter - How to Download Free HQ Music on iPhone and iPad (No iTunes)?

After the music video is converted into HQ music, you will see the download option on a new screen as seen below:

Clip Converter - How to Download Free HQ Music on iPhone and iPad (No iTunes)?

Long-pressing the download option gives you two options: Open or Download. If you want to listen to the music, press Open or press Download for obvious reasons. You will see download option again for the 3rd time wherein you also have the rights to rename the music file to what you want and then press download.

Congratulations! You have successfully downloaded 320kbps High Quality music on iPhone and iPad without buying it from iTunes or any online paid music downloading service. If you play the music, on the top right, you will see the “Open With” option which will let you open the downloaded music file in any of the apps which have been installed on your iPhone and iPad.

So, have fun and groove to the high quality music that you have downloaded. You can search our website for more interesting and useful articles like these/

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How to Download Free HQ Music on iPhone and iPad (No iTunes)?
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