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Best Game Controllers and Consoles for iPhone, iPad and iPod for Hardcore iOS Gamers

All you hardcore iOS Gamers, I have compiled a list of all available Game Controllers for iPhone, iPad and iPod to have a rich and precise gaming experience. These controllers increase your eye-hand co-ordination and help you achieve precise gaming results. Some of these controllers are portable, durable, ultra-slim, lightweight and collapsible, while some are not.

1) Razer Jungle Cat

Razer JungleCat

Shoot straighter, jump faster and drive with more precision as soon as you hook up your iPhone to the Razer Junglecat Game Controller


  • Designed with D-Pad
  • ABXY Action Buttons
  • Light Weight and Ultra-Slim Bumpers on a Sliding Gaming Case
  • Collapsible Slider
  • Superior Tactility
  • Precise Control
  • Portable
  • Durable
  • Each Individual Button’s Sensitivity Adjustable after installing Razer Jungle Cat iOS App
  • iOS 7 Fully Supported Gamepad
  • Wired connection via lightning port for ultra-fast responsiveness
  • Forward throwing sound channels designed into case
  • Does not obscure vision of screen

For more information, see the website : Razerzone

 2) Logitech Powershell
Logitech Powershell

Logitech Powershell adds console-style controls to your iPhone or iPod Touch and a built-in battery doubles the capacity of your iPhone.


  • iOS 7 Game Support
  • Console Style Controls
  • Integrated 1500 MAH
  • Slim Profile
  • Comfortable Design
  • Easily Access Phone Features
  • Headphone Adapter

For more information, see the website: Gaming Logitech

3) Steel Series Stratus
Steel Series Stratus

This is the beginning of Wireless Gaming Revolution with the advent of the Stratus Wireless Controller. SteelSeries is placing an entirely new world of console-style mobile gaming in your hands. Thanks to iOS 7, developers can now code incredible games for iOS devices with the classic console control schemes we have used for decades. Stratus Wireless takes advantage of this breakthrough like no other controller on the market, joining Apple in bringing the revolution to light.



– 4 Pressure Sensitive Face Buttons
– 4 Pressure Sensitive Shoulder Buttons
– Dual Analog Sticks and 4-way D-pad
– On/Off Switch and Pairing Button



iOS 7 or Later Plus the Following:
-iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5
-iPad mini, iPad Air, iPad 4th Gen
-iPod touch (5th Generation)

Connectivity & Battery

– Bluetooth 2.1
– 10hrs of Battery Life
– Charges via USB

Size & Weight

– Weight: 75 grams (0.165 lbs)
– Height: 33 mm (1.3 in)
– Width: 60 mm (2.66 in)
– Length: 110 mm (4.33 in)

For more information, see the website: SteelSeries

4) Signal RP One Controller

Signal RP One Controller

Signal is the second company after Steel Series to unveil an MFi Certified Bluetooth Game Controller at E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) this year.


  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Built-in Rechargeable Battery
  • Upto 10 hours of continuous play
  • Dual Analog Sticks
  • D-Pad
  • 4 Buttons
  • 2 Pairs of Shoulder/Trigger Buttons
For more information, see the video
5) Gamecase

 Gamecase from Clamcase is officially the first iOS Controller for iPhone, iPadFeatures:

  • Dual Analog Sticks
  • Full Size Console Layout
  • 3D Motion Enhanced Gaming
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery
  • Large, textured controller grips
  • Silver finish
  • Convex, ridged thumbsticks.

For more information, see the video

6) Moga Ace Power

Moga Ace Power
Moga Ace Power provides the most advanced set of console-quality controls availableFeatures:
  • Play longer with built-in 1800 mAh internal battery charging
  • LED indicator displaying remaining battery
  • Dual analog sticks
  • Shoulder buttons
  • Triggers
  • D-pad
  • 4 action buttons
  • Expanding design
  • S.M.R.T. Lock™ technology safely secures your phone

For more information, see the website : MogaAnywhere 

7) Mad Catz Ctrli Mobile Gamepad
Mad Catz Ctrli Mobile Gamepad
Mad Catz’ C.T.R.L.i Mobile Gamepad provides traditional gaming controls for devices running iOS 7.
  • Dual Analog Sticks
  • Pressure-sensitive D-Pad
  • Action
  • Shoulder buttons

For more information, see the website: MadCatz

8) Wikipad’s Gamevice

Wikipad's Gamevice

Wikipad’s Gaevice is a decked out MFi game controller made specifically for the iPad mini. This controller is actually in 2 parts and the iPad mini cradles in the middle of those parts.


  • Dual Analog Sticks
  • Secondary Analog Sticks
  • D-Pad
  • 4 face buttons
  • 2 digital triggers on top

For more information, see the website: Gamevice

9) iCade Mobile

iCade Mobile

iCade Mobile is a Classic handheldcontrol over your favourite iPhone and iPod touch Games.


  • Adds physical buttons and d-pad to your iPhone and iPod touch gaming
  • Rotating cradle allows for landscape and portrait views of gaming action
  • Connects using wireless Bluetooth technology
  • Works with hundreds of games including Frogger Decades and Temple Run
  • Ergonomic design for hours of comfortable gameplay
  • True control with eight action buttons and a two-axis directional


  • iCade Mobile
  • Quickstart Guide
  • Safety & Warranty Manual
  • iPod Touch Insert
  • AA Batteries

For more information, see the website: iCade Mobile

10) GamePhone Controller Pro

GamePhone Controller Pro
Thanks to its design inspired by real video game controllers, the Gamephone Controller Pro delivers a comfortable game experience like never before.


  • Compatible with iOS : play on iPhone®, iPad® and iPod® Touch !
  • Triggers and analog sticks for better gaming feeling
  • Wireless connection with Bluetooth®
  • The mount pivots 90°, so you can position your phone vertically or horizontally, depending on the game you’re playing.
  • Internal Rechargeable Battery: 16 hours playing game 550 mAh Li-on 2-3 hours to charge.
    No need to get bored anymore on even the longest trips!
  • Charging cable included (USB – Micro USB)
  • More than 280 games compatible, among which include Temple Run, Grand Theft Auto III and GTA Vice City, League of Evil 2, Another World, Metal Slug 3, R-Type or Virtua Tennis.
  • From FPS to RPG, from Racing games to emulators or even classic or
    arcade games, discover the most complete controller for smartphones and

For more information, see the website: GamePhone Controller Pro

11) Gametel Controller

Gametel Controller

Gametel is a Bluetooth Controller for iOS Devices. It also works with Mac OS X.


  • Battery Capacity: 250 mAh
  • Rechargeable Type: Li Pol
  • Gaming time: 9 Hours
  • Charging via USB micro cable
  • Size: 120 x 67 x 24 mm
  • Max width for phone in holder: 72 mm
  • Weight: 80g


  • Navigation: 4 (controlled with left thumb)
  • Action: 4 (controlled with right thumb)
  • Firing: 2 (controlled with index fingers)
  • Select: 1
  • Start:   1
  • Communication: Green
  • Charge indicator: Red


  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth
  • Firmware upgrade: via USB


  • iPhone, iPad & iPod touch
  • iOS 4 and above


  • Universal retractable phone holder with rubber grip to protect phone surface.

For more information, see the website: Gametel

There are more Mfi controllers like Hori which have not released yet and there are some which are not the latest Mfi controllers, so they have not made it to this list of Mfi Game Controllers.

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Best Game Controllers and Consoles for iPhone, iPad and iPod for Hardcore iOS Gamers
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