150+ Facebook Groups for App Promotion, Review Exchange and Marketing

Below is a list of 150+ Facebook Groups for App Promotion, Review Exchange and Marketing. These Facebook groups will expose your app to more than 100 Million Facebook users within minutes and will definitely help to boost your app rankings in every App Store on this planet.
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Just remember to write a catchy title and short description of your app in these Facebook Groups and if Facebook users like it, they will surely download your app. These App Promotion Facebook Groups have accumulated massive amount of  members over time.

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But remember, only 20 -30% of the overall members view your post due to Facebook’s Edge Rank Algorithm. Let me explain to you what exactly is Facebook’s Edge Rank Algorithm.

What is Facebook’s Edge Rank Algorithm?

According to Facebook’s Edge Rank Algorithm, an Edge is any activity done by a Facebook user. It includes every activity from liking a post to posting a status update to sharing a link. Whenever you do something on Facebook, you trigger an Edge. That Edge is then ranked according to three criteria: Affinity, Weight, and Recency (or Time Decay).

Let us understand what does Affinity Score, Edge Weight and Time Decay means and how it can help App Developers to get massive downloads.

Edge Weight: Edges are actions taken by Facebook users and the Facebook team has attributed different weights to different actions: for example, a comment is worth more points than a like. Therefore, there are likely to be more stories on your newsfeed about your friends commenting on posts rather than liking them.

Affinity Score is a measure of the relationship between a Facebook user and an Edge. If you post to your Facebook page or any Facebook group and your fans or Facebook users regularly comment, share, or like on your posts — referred to as “the Edge,” they have high “Affinity” and are more likely to see updates from your page or from that particular facebook group. Alternatively, fans or group members with little or no interaction see less of your posts due to their low Affinity score.

Time Decay of an Edge measures its age.  Simply put, the older an Edge, the less likely it is to appear in users’ newsfeeds, as it is old news.

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So, the point I am trying to make is that when you promote your app to these massive facebook groups, simply writing a catchy title and description of your app is not enough. You need to take advantage of these 3 factors while promoting your apps to these Facebook Groups.

Getting straight forward, write a catchy title and short description in 2 lines, include app download link in 3rd line, post an attractive image of your app and tell your friend to comment or create a different profile to comment on these posts so that it becomes visible to more Facebook users. Or you can put your app link in the comment section.

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You can start your Facebook App Promotion and Marketing Campaign by joining this group:

App Download, Promotion and Review Exchange [NEW!]

and then you can send request to join these groups below. Please promote your app to related Facebook Groups and do not spam any of these Facebook Groups again and again. If your app is an iOS App, then promote your app in iOS related facebook groups and not in Android related facebook groups. Same applies for Android app promoters.

I bet you will get tired joining all these Facebook groups. So, join these App Promotion Facebook Groups, Promote your Apps and Watch your App Rankings Soar high in the App Store.

1)  iPhone/Android App Reviews Exchange

2)  iOS App Review Exchange

3)  Indie Game Chat

4)  Mobile App Entrepreneurs – Apps & Games flipping / reskinning

5)  Innovative APP Users & Developers for iPhone, iPad, Blackberry & Android

6)  ANDROID DEVELOPERS international

7)  Indy App & Game Developers Group

8)  Android Apps – Source Code Sharing

9)  Mobile Application Developers(Android/Blackberry/iPhone)

10)  Mobile Apps & Games – iPhone | iPad | Android | BlackBerry | Symbian

11)  Android

12)  Android Apps


14)  Indie Game Players & Developers

15)  Review App for FREE

16)  Mobile App Mastermind Group

17)  iPhone App Development & Marketing

18)  iPhone Developer

19)  Latest app reviews and games on Android and iOS

20)  Apple fan club

21)  IPhone/Android App Reviews

22)  Mobile Developer Jobs (iOS/Android)

23)  iOS Games & Apps

24)  iOS Developers

25)  Apple Developers

26)  Indie Game Promotions

27)  App Review Exchange Android & IOS

28)  iOS Developer Community

29)  iphone apps

30)  iPhone App Reviews Exchange

31)  IPhone and Android Market

32)  iPhone Developers

33)  App Developers (iOS & Android)

34)  IPhone Developers

35)  iPhone Developer India

36)  iPhone Developers

37)  Indian IOS Team

38)  Mobile App Flipping and Reskinning

39)  App Reskinning

40)  iOS Developers Bangalore

41)  Ios Developers

42)  iOS/iPhone App Development Academy

43)  IOS developer

44)  iOS Developer Group India

45)  iOS Developers Malaysia

46)  PhoneGap Developers BR

47)  PhoneGap PHP JQuery Mobile MySQL

48)  iOS Developer Group

49)  Independent Game Developers

50)  Indie Game Developers – GameMarketeers

51)  Mobile App Developer (HTML5 PhoneGap)

52)  Game Programing (php, mysql, html, css, java, ajax, jquery, app based)

53)  iOS Developers of Bangladesh

54)  Phonegap

55) Mobile developers iPhone,Android,Rim,J2me,Bada,Rhodes,Appcelerator Titanium

56)  PhoneGap Indonesia

57)  Android & Iphone apps review exchange

58)  Exchange Apps Review

59)  iOS developers in Egypt

60)  <{Android Solutions and Development}>

61)  Windows Phone Developer

62)  Android & iOS Application Development

63)  Android Application Development

64)  UNITY3D

65)  Mobile Apps

66)  iPhone | Android | BB | Windows Application Development

67)  iOS Developers New York

68)  IOS Developers

69)  Android App Reviews Exchange

70)  Android Lollipop

71)  Android Application Exchange Reviews

72)  Android App Promotion

73)  Android PAID Apps And Reviews

74)  Android

75)  Android Apps

76)  App Promotion

77)  All Mobile Apps→Games↑↓ Free Internet Trick ™

78)  Android Developer Group India

79)  Android Apps

80)  Android Latest Apps

81)  Android Jobs in India


83)  Free Android Games and Apps (regularly updated)

84)  Android – Rate – Exchange

85)  ANDROID & IPHONE App Review Exchange

86)  Mobile Applications!

87)  Android soft and game download


89)  App Reviews Exchange

90)  App Review Exchange

91)  Promote Mobile Apps


93)  App Promotion and Review Exchange

94)  App Review Exchange – IOS & Android

95)  Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, Blackberry ухаалаг утас хэрэглэгчид

96)  Mobile App Developers for iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry

97)  Android Programming

98)  Promote Your Indie Game

99)  Apps Center

100)  Android games


102)  Mobile Games Review and Online Store Ctg

103)  Exchange app Review

104)  Exchange Apps Reviews(Android, Iphone, Windows phone 8)

105)  Apps and Games

106)  New iphone apps

107)  iPhone/Android App Reviews Exchange Market

108)  Android APPs

109)  Indie Games Advertising

110)  Share & Review Android Games

111)  Android Apps

112)  Mobile apps Developers.. (J2ME, ANDROID, IPHONE)

113)  Mobogenie Market Android App Exchange Reviews

114)  Review My App

115)  Mobile Apps Developer()…….

116)  Exchange App Android Reviews

117)  Android , IOS and Web Development Expert’s Advice

118)  Android Apps Development

119)  Android and ios games and apps

120)  Promo4Apps – Promote/Discover iPhone/Android Apps

121)  Android Apps

122)  Android Apps , Games , And PPSSPP Games Sharing

123)  Serious Android Developer

124)  Free Apps, Musics, Games, Videos, Themes, Ebooks Suitable For Your Phone


126)  Exchange App Android Reviews


128)  ReviewMyAppToday


130)  Xamarin Developers

131)  Promote Your Apps

132)  Promote Your Apps in Appstore and Google Play

133)  App review group of America

134)  Android,ios,symbian,tricks,root,roms,Jailbreak,hacks,games

135)  Windows Phone Apps Games (XAP)

136)  Windows Phone Philippines

137)  Windows Phone and Windows 8 Developers

138)  Windows Phone Group!

139)  Android App Expose & Review!

140)  Apps for all Center

141)  UNITY 3D Developers Indonesia

142)  UNITY 3D-Creacion de Juegos

143)  Unity 3D Professionals

144)  Unity 3D Latinoamérica

145)  Unity 3D Brasil

146)  Unity3D – games collection

147)  Unity 3D Brasil

148)  Unity 3D Yardımlaşma Platformu

149)  Unity3D Collaboration

150)  Unity3D Thailand

150+ Facebook Groups for App Promotion, Review Exchange and Marketing
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