Best Cryptocurrency Apps for Cryptocurrency Traders

Cryptocurrency started way back in the 1980s whereby a renowned cryptographer, David Chaum, developed a secure algorithm which allowed to transfer electronic funds. This algorithm has brought about the development of all cryptocurrencies in the existence today. In 2009, bitcoin was launched and over the 9 years, it has changed the view on all the other cryptocurrencies. Being regarded as the currency that sets the standards for other currencies. The advancement in technology has really changed the way business is conducted and this has not left cryptocurrencies’ investors and traders behind. As noted by UK’s business insider magazine, the cryptocurrency markets are really unregulated and the schemes are legal but if they were regulated, they would be illegal.

Best Cryptocurrency App for Cryptocurrency Traders

Best Cryptocurrency App for Cryptocurrency Traders

There are several apps that have been created so as to help the crypto traders in daily transactions. Just like in trading stocks, a trader needs an app specifically for information as well as a trading platform. In cryptocurrencies, there are apps specifically for mining while others are for trading different currencies. Choosing the right platform requires you to carry out research especially looking on reviews as there are many scammers disguised as apps.

Best Cryptocurrency Apps for Cryptocurrency Traders

Below are some of the best cryptocurrency apps that cryptocurrencies’ investors and traders would need on daily basis:

1) Coin Base

This is one trading app that made it to the top of Forbes’s best investing app for 2018. It allows you to trade and exchange different currencies such as bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and since bitcoin set the pace for other currencies, this app recorded as the most downloaded app on AppStore. With an easy-to-use interface, it allows the user to easily track the changes in prices and you are able to make trades with your bank account or even a credit card. When the bitcoin prices went down from over $19,000 to about $12,000, Coin Base made it impossible to trade by shutting down the platform. As much as this affected the view of several investors, it has not lost its trust due to its simplicity and how genuine it is. In cryptocurrencies wallets, it is arguably one of the most trusted crypto apps on the market today.

Download Coin Base - Best Cryptocurrency App on Google Play

Download Coin Base - Best Cryptocurrency App on App Store

2) app is an informational app within purchases options that existed before cryptocurrencies gained this much hype. It has helped many stocks and commodity traders with real time information on the performance. For crypto traders, they are able to know the historical prices of a certain currency ever since it started trading and also the standing market capitalization. It is a great app to keep you updated on the performance of a certain currency, including the charts and graphs.

Download Bitcoin, Ethereum, IOTA Ripple Price & Crypto News App on Google Play

Download Bitcoin, Ethereum, IOTA Ripple Price & Crypto News App on App Store


This is a trading app is fully functional for Android and iOS. It has limited number of cryptocurrencies, which helps to offer top notch services. Currently, it is supporting bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, ripple, bitcoin cash and ZEC. You can instantly load on this app by using your credit or debit card. It has a very simple interface that makes trading on the go to be fun.

Download CEX.IO Cryptocurrency App on Google Play

Download CEX.IO Cryptocurrency App on App Store

  1. SaruTobi;

This is a bitcoin mining app and it is a common game that is played on Apple’s IOS. Basically, it uses a very easy-to-follow concept that is presented to the player in a bitcoin theme. In this game, you are required to play as the monkey character where you choose to build a momentum and jump from vine to vine. After a successful win, you are able to gain game bitcoins referred to as black coins and you can easily redeem them for real actual bitcoin tips. The bitcoin tips are redeemable after collecting a dozen of black coins. These tips are then sent to your official bitcoin wallet.

Download Saru Tobi Cryptocurrency Game on Google Play

Download CEX.IO Cryptocurrency App on App Store

Whatever app you choose to install, whether for trading, mining or even information, it is recommended that you get a complete guide especially on the fees charged by each app in order to ensure that you maximize your returns.

Best Cryptocurrency Apps for Cryptocurrency Traders
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