About Us

“Man on a Mission – To live the best possible life come what may”

 Well right now, it’s not “About Us”, it’s only “About Me”. Hi, My name is Sumeet Sharma and I am the sole founder of iAppnalysis.

I am a Computer Engineer by Profession, Passionate Part Time Web Designer, Hacker and an aspiring Entreprenuer because I like to do what I love, not what I am forced to and succeed at it. I love hitting the gym early morning as i am a complete fitness freak. You would mostly find me running on the treadmill at a speed of 14 km/hr for 20 mins.

I am extremely confident about myself and other’s opinion doesn’t faze me. I ♥ Driving Fast Cars, Thrilllarious Sports, Globe-Trotting, Helping People, Outsmarting Snobs, Playing New Games, Trying New Apps

Going Deeper

I am very considerate about each and every person’s feelings. I like to mix up more with people having similar interests like me. I am very straightforward and deeply connected with myself. I am always in a pursuit of trying something new and being damn good at it. I never liked Studying, but i love Learning.

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