How to Download Torrents on iPhone & iPad No Jailbreak?

Yes, it's possible. You can easily download torrent files (Movies, E-Books, Tv Shows, Music, Themes, Wallpapers) on non-jailbroken iPhone and iPad. In this tutorial, you will come to know, "How to download torrents on iPhone?" and "How to download torrents on iPad?" without Jailbreak. This trick not only works on iPhone and iPad, but also works on any Android, Windows and Blackberry Phones.

There was a torrent downloading app called Blue Downloader by Harrison Tyler that made it through Apple's usual restrictions on the App Store, which was taken down after a short period of time. But, in this trick, you don't have to install a torrent downloading app

To start with the trick, go to your favorite torrent website (Kickass, PirateBay, etc.) which you mostly prefer to download torrent files. Search and Click on the file you wish to have. Then, simply follow the instructions:

1) Long Press on the Magnet and Select Copy. By doing so, you copy the Magnet Link.


2) Now, we need to convert this magnet link into direct download link. To convert this torrent magnet link into direct download link, just visit any of these websites given below:

There are plenty of benefits of using this website. When you use ZbigZ, you are shielded. All your activity is on behalf of ZbigZ. You are absolutely anonymous. You can use ZbigZ for free and even without (free) registration. Watch your movies and listen to music from your storage. Nothing to install and configure. If you want to download files greater than 1GB, then you have to register and pay to become a premium member. You can easily download files less than 1GB without paying to become a premium member and without registration. ZbigZ is mostly preferable to download torrent files based on the benefits described before. But, there are alternative websites to ZbigZ.

ZbigZ Alternatives: downloads and puts torrents into your personal, private online space. People sharing your internet connection. They hate you! With, you won't disturb them, because you won't be hogging all the bandwidth. Get to your files from anywhere. Any device that has a browser can access your files. The ones that can play MP4 videos, access them better. Huge torrents are hard to get. Not with Gigabytes of torrents complete at blazing speeds. Watch RSS feeds And automatically start transfer jobs. Works great with podcasts and other clever contraptions. You have to pay for the different plans. I guess if you want to download torrent, then you might not wanna pay to get a direct download link. Anyways, it's your choice.

Fetches, Converts & Stores everything you need from 85 different File Hosters, Youtube and more! Putdrive, the genius Downloading Wiz is here to download Torrents for you 100% anonymous and super fast! So, if you want Putdrive to download Torrents for you, you have 4 different ways to chose from: Magnet Link, Torrent Link, .Torrrent file and Url of page where Magnet link is. guarantees you a 101% anonymous downloading experience, because you don’t come across File Hosters, Trackers or Peers, your details stay unknown and cannot be seen anywhere, your IP stays also unknown and your card stays anonymous because payments are carried out via third-party reliable companies. You also have to pay to use this service.

Boxopus downloads your torrents without any software and stores it in a own cloud or in Dropbox and Google Drive. All you do is feed our Boxopus with torrent files, magnet links or even torrent page URL. After that you’ll be able to download the torrents anonymously using encrypted channel; or you can watch or listen to your torrents from your private page. There are two versions of boxopus: trail version and pro version. Boxopus is also a preferable website to download torrent files.

Bytebx lets you upload files from your computer or anywhere from the net - just paste the link. Watch and listen your media online or download your files at any moment. Use any modern device to access your storage. Protect your digital life with secured online-storage.  Maximum size of torrent for FREE accounts - 100 MB. Use Premium account to remove this limitation. This website is preferable for small files, but if you want to download large files, then you have to upgrade to premium account. Web Storage gives you:file storage absolutely free. No time limits;personal, private, secure storage. No one will see your files but yourself. Secure encrypted SSL connection to your personal storage, flexible upgrade plans, a high speed multi-stream download access to all your files.
This website requires registration and there are free and paid plans available.

3) Ok, so once you have chosen your favorite website, it's time to convert the torrent link into direct download link. In this trick, I will use ZbigZ website. If you see the image below, I have just copied and pasted the Torrent Magnet Link which will be converted into Direct Download Link once I click on Go.

4) Once, you Click on Go, you will see the following screen. Next, click on the link to which the arrow is pointing.  Always, click on that link which shows the actual size of the file.

5) Once, you click the link, a new page will open which will stream the movie which you want to download. Now, to download this movie, simply copy the url of the window where the movie is streaming and paste this url in any of these Video Downloading Apps and click Go. Once, you click Go, you will see Download option and you are finally ready to download the movie.
If you want to download an e-book from torrent on your iPhone and iPad, then you follow the same trick and when the pdf fully loads, simply open it in iBooks or File Manager and you have successfully downloaded the e-book.

This is the easiest and best way to download torrent files without jailbreaking your iPhone and iPad. If you have any queries, please comment below. If you like this tutorial, you can Like iAppnalysis on Facebook for more exciting and useful tutorials.