1337x Proxy List - 25 1337x Unblocked Mirror Sites - 1337x Proxy Portal

1337x Proxy List – 25 1337x Unblocked Mirror Sites – 1337x Proxy Portal

1337x came into existence in the year 2007, but gained spotlight after the shutdown of Kickass Torrents. It is also known as leetx or elitex. 1337x was blocked in countries like Australia, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Norway, Russia, Spain and United Kingdom. Also, Google has de-indexed 1337x.to from it’s search engine result pages after the site was reported by Feel Good Entertainment. All this led to an outbreak of 1337x Proxy Sites.

1337x has the best and well organized interface among all other torrent sites. It is regarded as ‘PirateBay Alternative’ or ‘Kickass Torrents Alternative’.

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The Global Alexa Rank of 1337x.to is 334. The current traffic statistics of 1337x.to points out that the website receives maximum traffic from India (13.8%), United States (11.3%), China (9.0%), Pakistan (5.4%), Italy (5.0%), etc. From 2016, 1337x has become the 6th popular torrent website in the world.


1337x Proxy Sites - 1337x Unblocked Sites - 1337x Mirror Sites

A snapshot of 1337x Proxy Site

If you are searching for a working list of 1337x proxy sites or 1337x unblocked sites or 1337x mirror sites, then we recommend the following websites:

1337x.to has a wide variety of torrent categories like Trending Torrents, Movie Library, TV Library, New TV Episodes, Top 100 Torrents, Anime, Applications, Documentaries, Games, Movies, Music, Others, Television, etc. Although, the original website 1337x.to and it’s proxy sites have a register and login option, you can easily download all the torrent files without registering or providing your login credentials.

If you are able to visit the above list of 1337x unblocked sites, it means that 1337x mirror sites are not blocked in your country. Incase, you are facing difficulty in accessing these 1337x unblocked websites, then you will come across messages like “1337x refused to Connect” or “This site can’t be reached” or “Connection Timeout”. It means your country has blocked these proxy sites as well. Even if 1337x mirror sites are blocked in your country, I will guide you in accessing these websites safely and anonymously.

How to Access 1337x Proxy, Mirror and Unblocked Sites Safely?

Whenever you visit any website that is banned or considered illegal in your country, it is highly recommended to use a virtual private network (vpn). I won’t get into the nitty-gritty of a virtual private network or it’s working, but I will suggest some of the free vpn apps used by the masses.

Vpn’s can be a mobile application, pc software or a browser extension. If you have already been using a vpn, you can discontinue reading this article and start accessing the above list of 1337x Unblocked Sites.

Just have a look at some of the free vpn’s like Betternet, Turbo Vpn, Hotspot Sheild, CyberGhost & Yoga Vpn. If you are attempting to browse 1337x Mirror Sites on your computer, then I suggest you to install a browser extension. Incase, you are browsing these sites on your mobile, then my suggestion would be to install one of these free vpn apps.

After your device is equipped with a vpn, all you have to do is connect the vpn to the server from the country of your choice. You can try changing the country server if you are still not able to access these sites. Do not let the government or cyber crime officials track your activity on the internet. To mask the i.p. address of your computer, mobile or tablet; it is better to use a vpn and remain anonymous on the world wide web.

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1337x Proxy List – 25 1337x Unblocked Mirror Sites – 1337x Proxy Portal
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